Global Experience

Our Team is experienced in having dressed, equipped and dealt with the largest yachts for many years.

Strong partnerships

Whether in Toys, Textiles or Tools, Yorizons has developped strong partnerships with key and reliable suppliers.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is our DNA as well as transparency on reliable information and products.


Creative and innovative in solutions we can bring and in the way we bring it to our customers.


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17 mars 2021
Launch of the company

Launched on the 17th of March 2021, the team are happy to introduce Yorizons! A new yachting company dedicated...


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The world is changing now more than ever and with this the Yachting Industry. The demand for more professionalism, more innovation, higher technology and more reliability is rapidly increasing. For the satisfaction of customers, the Yorizons team will take pleasure to comply while maintaining an eco-friendly environment. It’s in our DNA.

–  Patrick Gilliot