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Patrick Gilliot

It is the start of a new human and industrial adventure with even more demands on the quality of the products and services provided.


About Yorizons

The history of Yorizons began in the summer of 2020. For several years now, we have seen an evolution in the functioning of Yachts and management companies.

The yachting industry had already started to change and the changes in the world in 2020 would amplify it even further.

Now more than ever, the yachts, their owners and their crew are going to expect from their providers a very high level of professional services; being more rigorous and organised, having easy remote management and more creativity.

It is with the strength of our observations and strong experience and knowledge in the field that we began to think about the areas of expertise in which we would be able to provide a must in terms of products and services.

The 3 T’s for Toys, Tools and Textile were hereby born.

The rest is just a story of nice encounters, like the one with John Irving (AER Founder) or Fabrice Pougez (MAT Watches) and a continued link and common value with the staff in strong brands like North Sails, Dubarry and others, in fact just a story of a few people who know and trust each other to constitute the 4th T, Team, the on-land crew.

About company name and logo

It is a difficult task to summarise an offer, a concept and a philosophy all in the name and logo of a new company!

We wanted to have new horizons, that’s for sure, but also to look further, to look at our job with more height and above all by putting ourselves even more in the eyes and the conditions of our customers.

So, we decided to offer you, « new horizons for Yachts. »

To create a logo dedicated to Yachting that can be seen from both sides, something that looks just as good from left to right as from right to left, towards the sunset as well as towards the rising sun. Thus, YORIZONS was born.

Meet the team

Each of us have our own experience and strong expertise in the field of which we operate. Whether it be in the field of interior linen or uniforms, where most of us have equipped the biggest yachts in the world for almost a decade, or, in terms of project management and now, in the accessories and toys that we are looking for you while respecting our DNA: innovation, quality and a high level of service.

Give us a call, come to us or let us come to you, and you will meet the team !

Patrick Gilliot

Patrick, being 55 and having 2 kids, he is one of the managers of the Yorizons Team. He started to race/sail in the 80’s with Yves Pajot or Yann Elies, being often on podiums in Tour de France à la voile or EDHEC races.

With a master’s degree in international business and marketing, he wandered around the world for industrial and IT companies.  Developing or taking over companies, dealing joint ventures with middle east governments or restructuring sales and marketing teams in multinationals.

In 2008, he settled down in Antibes by taking over Dolphin Wear, thus discovering yachting and uniforms. From 9 people based in Antibes at the start up to 40 people equally spread over the Palma and Barcelona sites, the company grew until 2019 with the help of David and Lucy Ireland from Deckers who joined the adventure in 2017.

Patrick was also the founding president of ASAP, the association which will advise the city of Antibes on its port strategy and supported the changes that occurred in the VAUBAN port in 2017.

In 2020, Patrick left Dolphin wear & Deckers and began thinking with his large network of contacts and partners about the new requirements of Yachting. It is the start of a new human and industrial adventure with even more demands on the quality of the products and services provided.