Bed Essentials

Complete your bedroom with these bed essentials.

The products below are just a fraction of what we can propose to you with only some of the suppliers that we work with.

We listen carefully as you explain to us your needs, then from there, we will build the best proposal accordingly. This is why we do not have an online shop as we are not just a shop, we are a team of experts that ensure the availability and customizability of all your products with a long-term vision.

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Duvet Delphes

Available in different sizes

For the summer and half season. The Alpes wool offers an excellent thermoregulatory comfort and the shell in cotton percale contributes to the good breathability of this lightweight duvet

200GSM 100% laine des alpes

Duvet Soie

Available in different sizes

Refinement of a very particular silk for its well-being properties: the Tussah, both light, relatively inflating and whose naturally hollow fiber constitutes a good insulator

250GSM natural silk

oreiller galaxy

Pillow Galaxy

The Galaxy pillow combines softness and bulking for one of the best comfort – anti-acarian treated

90% goose down and 10% feathers

Laundry Bags

Embroideries can be made in a variety of colours and personal designs

100% Waffle weave, sateen or cotton laundry bag with rope closure

Laundry bag