To harmonize an atmosphere, rolled up on a sofa or to decorate a bed, a throw is one of the essentials to expect. The continuity of a well-being feel.

The products below are just a fraction of what we can propose to you with only some of the suppliers that we work with.

We listen carefully as you explain to us your needs, then from there, we will build the best proposal accordingly. This is why we do not have an online shop as we are not just a shop, we are a team of experts that ensure the availability and customizability of all your products with a long-term vision.


3 Merinos

130x200cm, an exceptionally soft plaid with timeless chic to wear as a large shawl or to use as you wish in your interiors

210gsm, 100% merino wool


140x200cm, enter the dream world of Cashmere with an elegant double-sided plaid in cashmere and merino wool: timeless chic

210gsm, 50% cashmere/50% marino wool



170x150cm, pure cashmere or Super Geelong wool series tricot