Optimize your management and travel cost

Based on our experience and the power of the tools we have developed, we work with you to optimize the management of air travel costs, procurement processes and management costs.

Travel Management

Using our dedicated software, we manage your flights giving you access to very advantageous seaman airfares (one-way, flexible, refundable, extra weight allowance), low cost and published? rates, hotel rooms and car rentals worldwide. We always offer the cheapest and quickest option available-we want you to saving you money and time. Our dedicated team has over 15 years’ experience in the marine travel world which give us the insight  to understand your specific needs faster than anybody else.

Management Optimization

Our extensive experience in yachting but also in industry and service companies give us a unique perspective on the nature of possible improvements aimed at optimizing the efficiency of your organization, improving your quality of service, customer and employee satisfaction.

Textile procurement process

Having supplied the largest yachts and fleets for more than 10 years with textile products, we are in the position to advise and help you optimize your textile needs

Together, we define products and products life cycle, needs and style. We contribute to define procurement, stock and buying policy and then we introduce you to the key actors or manufactures. In case you wish, we follow projects and suppliers for you in full transparency and loyalty, being 100% independent of all suppliers. With us, you save time and money, you avoid the usual nightmares and warranty design as well as quality for all textiles on board.

Catalogue & Interior Portfolio