The best personalised luxury gift for guests

Introducing the MAT watch: Mer, Air and Terre, the watch for the sea, air and land.  A strong and affordable luxury watch that can come fully customized as the perfect one-of-a-kind gift for Guest. Yachts cannot offer guests a watch that they already have nor a non-value watch.

The MAT watch, as a perfect compromise, has built its reputation for excellence, renowned for their reliability, accuracy, extreme legibility and robustness used by the US Navy, the Legion Etrangere and other Task Forces.


MAT is a high-quality Swiss/French watch manufacturer where for the past fifteen years has asserted itself as the French leader in the designing, manufacturing and distribution of military watches for professionals.  With iron discipline, proven technicality and assumed characteristics, bringing the same care of the design of its civilian models as well as that of its professional parts.  The  MAT watch comes in many different styles such as, the Naval Aviator, the Diver Pro Destro, the Urban Club B, the Urban Club A, the California the SNSM.


The watches can be fully personalised.  From engraving the back, to changing the colour of the dial, to having a logo on the face of the watch and lastly, to having the face a colour of your choice.  The MAT watch can truly be like no other, like your yacht.


Once the watch design has been chosen the watch comes with a choice of three different straps, being able to pick the materials and colours.  The MAT watch also come with a case, in navy or black, this case can then be customized by engraving a design onto it.

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