The finest choice for personalised interior linen according the Yacht design

The choice of interior linen is an art that relies on understanding the mindset of the owners, taking into account the interior design of the yacht as well as on our ability to transpose ourselves into the future well-being felt by the guests.
The choice of materials and maintenance constraints that are yours will guide our choices to provide you with the best possible response.  Request our Interior Portfolio which will provide you with 88 pages of interior products that caught our attention to give you the best ideas and help make a unique space of elegance and well-being.

Table Linen

Table linen is the elegant touch that concludes the perfect personalisation, from the edge of the tablecloth fitted to the table, to the center of the table.

Hand-embroidered collections for creations worthy of the heritage and culture that make all the French and Italian refinement.

The highest standards of creativity, from the simple and sophisticated Hemstitch stitch to the crystal details.

Timeless classics in standard or custom sizes, combining practical care aspects with a refined finish.

Bed Linen

The standard codes of bed linen are evolving, we work and select our materials and suppliers to make your interiors real worlds of absolute well-being.

We choose for you and with you the noblest fabrics, such as 1000tc cotton percale or fabrics made from natural fibres for an exceptional quality of comfort.

Our experience allows us to leave no detail out and to adapt to the most demanding wishes of the owners. Thanks to our tailor-made suppliers and refined personalisation, we will be able to facilitate all the steps, from analysing your needs to taking measurements and creating designs adapted to the interior design of the Yacht.


Interior Towel

Taking into account the imponderables of storage and maintenance by combining the feeling of comfort desired by the customer are some of our permanent concerns. Together, we define the quality of the desired cotton, the choice of different colours and densities, custom-made dimensions or special designs.

Exterior Towel

Harmonise your interiors and exteriors with our beautiful choice of deck towels.


The most beautiful natural materials carefully worked for an art of living in authentic luxury. A real « must have », bedspreads, throws, decorative cushions will give character to your interiors or exteriors. Elegance has no limits!

Linen Accessories

Right down to the finest of details.

Other Accessories

Using accessories can help to add your personal touch, creating that certain feel that you’re looking for.

Catalogue & Interior Portfolio