The way we work

More about our organization

We are made up of a team that is highly experienced in our own individual fields. Having already equipped over 50 of the top 100 largest yachts in the world with uniforms and interior linens, we have formed close relationships with these yachts, so, perhaps we may even know each other already.

We take our experience and our rapport to ensure the satisfaction of our customers while maintaining an eco-friendly environment and primarily dedicating our approach and organization to superyachts and fleets linked to their special constraints.

Please see below how we are organised and involved every day to manage your orders and give total satisfaction.

Sales process

We welcome you to email us, phone us, or, we would of course be happy to come to you; available to drive from La Ciotat to Viareggio and can even fly over anytime you wish.

First, we make sure to listen carefully to your needs so we can then present you with the best possible solutions, whether it be supplying you with your interior or organising the supply of your uniforms and toys, working alongside our experts in each field.

To do this we create presentations and get samples to ensure that you are happy with the materials, colours and measurements; then finalizing your order by getting together to review everything step by step, whether it be on board or online.

Our aim is to work with projects and to secure the products we propose to you with a long-term vision but of course, knowing how to manage emergencies when needed.

Product selection

Based on our client’s requirements, we choose existing products with long term availability, as we spend time to check this beforehand with our main suppliers. We can also have products designed and produced specifically for you depending on the item and the colours linked to special and strong relationships with factories and even brand production departments that we have.

We keep you informed about the final time frames with transparency, managing suppliers issues as part of our job, shipment delays (linked to sanitary crisis for now) and finding solutions.

We can also decide on any intermediate stock needed to guarantee you a top up for next season.

Production and Quality control

As soon as an order is confirmed, depending on the customization, we choose the best workshops with our production manager for all types of embroidery, printing, transfer, engraving and alterations, etc. Allowing our client to have the most stylish, unique products.

Before any delivery/shipment, the items, of course, come to us in Antibes at our logistics platform for a detailed quality control and making sure the packaging, whether it be per crew or per product, is according to our clients wishes.


Thanks to our loyal customer, Sailing Yacht CHINOOK, for the amazing picture illustrating our printing knowledge. 

Shipment and delivery

We can ship your order to you wherever you may be, or we would be more than happy to deliver to you when and where possible. Being based in Antibes, we use Swift Marine as our logistic platform and due to their many years of experience they have worked for major yachts, ensuring they receive their order through the best shipment company (Fedex, Ups, DHL etc…) depending on the time frame and destination.

Once an order has been received by a client, we ensure a follow up to make sure that everything is okay.

Step by step we stay by your side, managing guarantees on products and on top ups when needed; as Customer satisfaction is our DNA.