AER 557

The perfect « On land » Toy for Yachts

Discover the award winning AER 557; the world’s most elegant and powerful premium adult electric scooter, exclusively available to yachts through Yorizons.  With a silent motor offering unparalleled performance for an exhilarating, comfortable, safe and effortless ride, it is the perfect on land toy for yachts.

As a vehicle grade product, the AER 557 can have full customization upon request to allow it to be completely original. For practical purposes, this scooter can also be folded and stored away nicely.


Designed from the ground up by a British company and engineered in Germany, the geometry of the AER 557 is purposefully designed to allow more control, with hydroformed frame and forks built to handle all road conditions.  With a power of 500W to maximum 1200W, the intelligent drive system within the scooter features GPS, a built-in immobilizer and four speed pre-sets. With more than 32km of range on a single charge at full power, the motor offers 50NM of torque and a 557W detachable battery to make it easy to charge in the office/home, taking 5 hours to be fully charged and is capable of reaching 45kmh (limited to 25 km/h).


The AER 557 can be fully customized; the battery, which is wrapped in vinyl and can be an independent colour to the rest of the frame; the footboard, material can be changed, however originally comes in bamboo; rear mudguard, rear wing and front fin, the colours and materials can be changed and finally, the head cap, which can be fully redesigned.  Leaving you with a completely original AER 557.


When fully out the scooter’s length from wheel to wheel comes to 178cm, with a height from wheel to handlebars of 112.5cm, which can then be extended by another 10cm.  The scooter, when not in use can then fold allowing it to have a length of 115.8cm and a height of 99.5cm.  When folded, the AER 557 can be put into a choice of two bags, whether it be the standard bag for transportation or a luxury customized bag for storing in.


The AER 557 can come with a variety of extra accessories like the rear mudguard,  a scratch bag, a basket and many more made on request. The rear mudguard can be easily removed and put back on again by a simple clip. The scratch bag to be attached on the frame of the scooter and a basket to attach at the back, both to make it easier for you to ride freely.

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