Table Linen

Decorative elements are part of the details we remember from good memories and having beautiful table linen can help you create these memories of being onboard. Table cloths, placemats, coasters, napkins, table runner… whatever you want.

The products below are just a fraction of what we can propose to you with only some of the suppliers that we work with.

We listen carefully as you explain to us your needs, then from there, we will build the best proposal accordingly. This is why we do not have an online shop as we are not just a shop, we are a team of experts that ensure the availability and customizability of all your products with a long-term vision.

Table LinenPortfolio


Los Angeles

Available in different sizes and colours

This Los Angeles tablecloth is made with shiny and soft piece-dyed jacquard. The Acanthus leaves decorate the fabric and make Los Angeles the perfect choice for important occasions. It is finished with an elegant hemstitch or simple hem and mitered corners

100% sateen jacquard

Gold Design

Available in different sizes, fabrics and combinations

Refined design and lines game, French creations

100% linen


Available in different sizes and colors

The classic spiral pattern of Ceylon tablecloth is enhanced by the preciousness and brightness of the cotton-linen Jacquard fabric

100% sateen jacquard


Pure French creations, all collections are hand embroidered and custom-made

100% sateen fabric with French embroidery


Available in different sizes and combinations

100% Pure Linen series with an elegant jewel effect trim in ornate metal studs